Mediascape of Broken Transparencies


Deconstruction of Tenancingo, Mexico

“Plaza De Las Transparencias Rotas”

Location: Tenancingo, Mexico Sex Trafficking Capital of the World)

Project submission for Archoutloud’s design challenge Human Trafficking: Tenancingo Square Mediascape.”

The challenge included to  “reimagine the town square of Tenancingo, Mexico in response to the prevalent issues of sex trafficking existing in the area.”


The physical and physiological abuse suffered by human trafficking victims leads to serious mental disorders for life. Victims’ mental health worsens by the lack of understanding of this issue. They endured this suffering long after escaping their captors.

The perpetrator’s mindset is a delusional mask to a much deeper psychological problem too. The lack of awareness of traumatic events suffered at some point in their lives, and the ignorance of the consequences of their mindless actions must be confronted.

In this mediascape of broken transparencies, all hidden wounds are revealed and healed.

Field of Broken Transparancies2

Information about the issue of human trafficking is projected onto a play of broken planes throughout the square of Tenancingo. These colorful broken planes are transparent, filtering light and allowing victims, perpetrators, and outsiders to become aware of each other’s vulnerability to this issue.  Virgen de Guadalupe, the female religious icon confronts the contradiction of values in this town.

Interactive Piece

The healing process is accomplished by the different programmatic components created by the broken field.  These components seek to nurture a sense of community within Tenancingo by providing public spaces that offer opportunities to celebrate the values of the culture.

Communal Stage

Communal Stage and Public Multi-Purpose Plaza

The mediascape of broken transparencies serves as a catalyst for change by making society aware of the human trafficking issue threatening the values of their culture and providing the means to strengthen the sense of community.  In this way, Tenancingo can take steps to protect and help human trafficking victims. 

Educqational Component

Informative and Interactive Walls


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