The main inspiration for my world exposition was the current crisis of the ethnosphere of the world.    Cultures are vanishing every day, and languages, traditions and ways of living are being lost every time a culture disappears.  The advances of larger societies are threatening not only the biosphere but also the cultural web that maintains alive the flash of the human spirit and the ecosystem of spiritual possibilities in worlds that are completely unknown to us.  My main intent in this exercise is to bring a notion of “thriving to exist” different realities into a vertical construct that will exhibit, celebrate, and create awareness of, these disappearing unknown worlds.  The mapping exercise attempts to capture this modality through different images; some of the images used in the digital composition were contexts in which endangered indigenous cultures currently struggle to live.  




The main exhibition spaces are located at the edge of the building.  The body moving through space begins its journey at the lower level that is articulated with the ground and the water edge; it is essential that water is part of the inside of the building, as water is also a basic need that indigenous cultures struggle to obtain   The water edge is also experienced from levels above as you can interact visually with it within the core.  The large scale exhibition spaces are big enough to create mini-ecosystems within it so that the body in space also has a connection with nature, something that vanishing cultures care to nurture in their daily lives.  The main galleries are connected through the same vertical void giving the journey through the realm of vanishing cultures a notion of connection with the outside world.  The spaces that are not at the edge of the building exhibit a web of ideas, beliefs, and ritual practices;  as you journey inside these spaces, the body in movement finds a feeling of protection.  This notion of protection is ultimately the message of the building to its audience, that there is an urgent need to protect the vanishing cultures that are revealed in the exhibition so that they can find a light at the edge of the world.  This light at the edge of the world is experienced at the edges of each level.



/Users/Alejandra/Documents/Advanced Design B/section.dwg

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