Meta – “After” “Beyond”
Nous – “Mind”

“An active emotional state in which reflection, revelation, and transformation occur.”

“The experience of metanoia involves a transformation that can range from a minor change of mind to a dramatic spiritual conversion.  Such changes often lead to new belief, which then leads to new action.”

– Kelly A. Myers.  “Metanoia and the Transformation of Opportunity”


My art and design seek to explore the experience of metanoia by juxtaposing opposite phenomena to challenge the observer’s preconceived notions and ideas.  By engaging the mind and providing a surreal experience, a new perspective of seeing the world emerges.
My artwork reflects my fascination with and attempts to understand the Buddhist concept of Nature of Reality: The constant cycle of change, impermanence, birth, and death.
My design intents to transform awareness of environmental and social issues affecting our world, to instigate collective change through the experience of space.
I received a Master of Architecture and Urban Design from the University of South Florida, and currently pursuing my profession in Tampa, Florida.

Contact: maa22.design@gmail.com
All Work is Copyright Mary Alejandra Alvarez 2019

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